Ageing population

Vocabulary - less common and idiomatic expressions

1 - Is anybody in your family greying? What about the population, is it greying?

2 - Did you grandparents help parents out in terms of your upbringing?

3 - What knowledge have your grandparents imparted on you? Are you grateful for them passing it on?

4 - Do your grandparents fund their own retirement or do your parents or the government lend a helping hand?

5 - Regarding about operations, if they are in need of one, who foots the bill?

6 - When did your grandparents call it quits on their working career?

7 - What type of education did your grandparents put your parents through?

Exam Speaking questions (IELTS, CPE, CAE)

1-  What do elderly people do in their free time?
2 - Are elderly people happier than in previous generations?
3 - How can they keep in good shape?
4 - What facilities should the government provide?
5 - What things can the elderly do to help their grandchildren?
6 - How can grandchildren help the elderly?
7 - Do the young of today respect the elderly enough?
8 - How can we encourage young people to respect the elderly?
9 - Why are some societies aging?
10 - What are the economic consequences of this?
11 - What steps can be taken to deal with this?
12 - Will this change global balance in the future?


IELTS part 2

Talk about a time you met an interesting old person
- Who was it
- Where did you meet them
- What did you think about them
When do people in your country usually retire?
Should there be a fixed retirement age?
Why do some people have
What are the advantages and disadvantages of elderly people in the workforce?

How can the experience of the elderly benefit society?

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