Presentation skill: Leadership

The aim of the presentation is to convince the target audience that the key factor when it comes to success as a business is to focus on why your business is doing something, not how it is doing it or what is it doing. Which of the following do you think the speaker will use […]

Preposition tests:

Test yourself in prepositions using the preposition tests below. Although there are not many now, I will add new ones at the top. The tests include both “normal” prepositions and prepositions that are part of phrasal verbs. TEST 9 (December 1) TEST 8 (December 1) TEST 7 (November 31) TEST 6 (November 30) TEST 5 […]

CEO English: Strategy Implementation Tool for Fortune 500 Bank

What’s the connection between three pieces of paper and a strategy implementation tool?   One of the hardest things to do as a leader and CEO is to balance the short, mid and long term. That is, how not to immerse yourself too much in the day-to-day stuff, or to become too excited and carried […]

Is overcommunication the key leadership skill?

Are you leveraging overcommunication as a leadership skill? Is this overcommunication or clear communication? In English, “over____” is usually bad. “Over-estimate” = estimate too much, “over-cook” = you burnt the chicken, “oversleep” = you’re late for work. Some CEOs in the business world, however, stress that strategy and alignment are best achieved via overcommunicating the […]

Business Words Test: (Upper) Intermediate

Do you want to improve how you use upper intermediate / intermediate business words in business English? Do the tests below, then use them. If you’re not sure how to use them, here are some tips.     Which of the upper intermediate / intermediate business words below are not in the test ? preparing […]

Business Words Test September: Upper intermediate / advanced

Do you want to improve how you use business words in business English? Do the tests below, then use them. If you’re not sure how to use them, here are some tips. Test 1 Test 2   Further Vocabulary Activity for Test 1: Which of the business words below are not in test 1? trust […]

Speaking: Make your passive English vocabulary active vocabulary!

My passive English vocabulary is better than my active vocabulary Do you know a lot of words in English but don’t have enough active vocabulary? If yes, you’re like almost EVERYBODY!!! Very few people use a lot of the words they know. However, some people have a secret. As a result, they use more words […]

Modern Meditation: Mindfulness in Fortune 500, schools, biology

Modern Meditation Brainstorm your ideas on modern meditation and mindfulness: What is modern meditation? What benefits does it bring in terms of what it increases and decreases? Can you not think about anything for ten seconds? For a five minute period, jot down the thoughts you have. Would you describe them as constructive, detrimental, comforting, […]

Executive English: You and the Microsoft CEO

Compare your ideas on a variety of business topics with those of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. Scroll down and dive straight into the video. Or, if you want, read the questions first to¬† brainstorm your own idea. Brainstorming Questions Satya Nadella had some big shoes to fill when taking over from Steve to become¬† Microsoft […]

Your company’s Core Competencies (Prahalad & Hamel)

Do you know what your company’s core competencies are? a – Make a list of your company’s strengths, keeping in mind in particular how they contribute to your company’s products and / or services. b – Apply Prahalad & Hamel’s three test questions to them to identify which are core competencies. First an example from […]