Vocabulary – less common and idiomatic expressions for IELTS, CAE, CPE (TOEFL) 1 – Think of different challenges people have in their every day life, relationships, at work and make a list. Which of them are …. considerable, tough, daunting, fresh, grave, perennial 2– Which of the things pose a challenge for you personally? (pose […]

Ageing population

Vocabulary – less common and idiomatic expressions 1 – Is anybody in your family greying? What about the population, is it greying? 2 – Did you grandparents help parents out in terms of your upbringing? 3 – What knowledge have your grandparents imparted on you? Are you grateful for them passing it on? 4 – […]

Advertising Vocab and Questions

Vocabulary – less common and idiomatic expressions  1 – In your point of view, are advertisements in your country often misleading?  2 – Has an advertisement ever convinced you to purchase something you originally had no intention of buying? If yes, how did the advertisement get you to change your mind?  3 – Do you […]

New Website coming!

Hi Everyone I’m setting up a new website, it should be up (if not fully running) by July 20, 2016, with lots of new materials for teachers and students of English John