Your company’s Core Competencies (Prahalad & Hamel)

Do you know what your company’s core competencies are? a – Make a list of your company’s strengths, keeping in mind in particular how they contribute to your company’s products and / or services. b – Apply Prahalad & Hamel’s three test questions to them to identify which are core competencies. First an example from […]

US University education: expensive and useless?

History and current status of college tuition in the US What factors led to increased enrollment in  US universities? Why did they switch from being almost free to paid for? How are public universities different from for-profit and non-profit ones? How do you think rent payments might compare to student loan re-payments? How difficult do […]

Michael Porter: Align Strategy and Project Management

  You’re going to compare your ideas with how to align strategy and project management with Harvard professor, Michael Porter. Brainstorming on how to align strategy Before watching the one hour long video with Michael Porter on how to align strategy and project management, think about your answers to the following questions:   Which company […]

Value Stream , (Porter’s) Value Chain

  One way of producing more value within your company is to analyze its value chain. First, think about your answers to the following questions. Then watch the video below to compare answers: 1 – What’s is the difference between a value chain and value stream? 2 – Below you can see Porter’s version of […]

Industry Analysis: Porter’s Five Forces

Michael Porter came up with the 5 forces (Porter’s five forces) to analyze what industry factors external to a company can influence the company. For the 5 forces below, reflect to what extent the following statements are reflective of your company’s industry and IKEA. 1 – Suppliers’ bargaining power Suppliers play a minor role in […]

Corporate Strategy: How to align projects with strategy

In the listening you will hear the managing principal of a strategy consulting firm ,  Jay Payette, share his ideas on why and how project managers can play a role in order to align projects with corporate strategy. If you want to practice “unprepared” listening, then listen to the interview on the link below. If […]

Quality Management for PM: Listening, vocab, speaking

Project manager expert Stacy Goff speaks below about quality management in project management. Before you listen, first of all read through the questions to think about your own ideas. So, what’s your definition of quality? Goff is an advocate of managing quality at least as well as managing time and cost. Are you such an […]

Digital Workers: Accenture and Your company

  Do the activities below to improve how you speak about digital workers:   1 – Hone your listening skills: Watch the video, what are the main points the speaker makes about Accenture and digital workers?       2 – Build vocab range to speak about digital workers: From memory / your knowledge, fill […]