Business Words Test September: Upper intermediate / advanced

Do you want to improve how you use business words in business English? Do the tests below, then use them. If you’re not sure how to use them, here are some tips.

business words

Test 1

Test 2


Further Vocabulary Activity for Test 1:

Which of the business words below are not in test 1?

trust is the  bedrock  of a relationship. =(basis, cornerstone, begins with “b”)
After agreeing to the main poins of a deal, you need to  hammer  out the details. =(to define the details clearly)
We need to finish at 9.00 on the  dot  =( precisely at “9.00”, not one minute later)
Good teams can  generate  a lot of good ideas quickly. =(create, produce, begins with “g”)

I believe that it  undoubtedly  worse to lose trust than to change aims. =(without doubt)
I didn’t quite  catch  that.
people  neglect  quality. =(don’t think enough about, пренебрегать)
My daughter is always  yelling  . =(very loud voice)
I  wish  my daughter wouldn’t yell.= (angry)
We made 20 people  redundant  last year. =(we got rid of their positions)

The market (Our company ) is  witnessing  rapid growth,  =(experiencing, the market is growing rapidly)
This is a good plan but it’s not  feasible  . =(doable)
If I  had  not met John, I wouldn’t get such positivity

I  anticipate  that the market will grow. =(expect / predict, begins with “a”)
I  set  a bad example =(show, provide a .. example)
We need to  gain  an insight  into digitalization. . =(learn more about, get)
it’s only a minor  hitch . =(a little problem, begins with “h”)
I’m trying to  align  their views and our strategy. =(to put them in the same
Climate change   poses  a problem. =(it is a problem)
Our main competitor poses a  threat  . =(угроза)
we took significant  measures . =(steps, меры)

Further Vocabulary Activity for Test 2:

Which of the business words below are not in test 2?

it’s incredibly important to put yourself in your customer’s  shoes  . =(to put yourself in their position, to think from their point of view)
We are on  track  to achieving our targets. =(we are likely to achieve the result)
Our company has a vast  array  of services. =(a very wide variety of)
Our management is a real  advocate   of improving in-company technology.  =(supporter, begins with “a”)
to pay a  toll  = (pay money to use a road)Our employees all have a  wealth  of experience =(a lot of experience)
the truth  lies  somewhere imbetween =(is)
as  far  as the customer is the involved
What’s the best way to  mitigate  risk? =(reduce, soften)

Finally, wow often should we  touch  base ? =(get in contact for a short period to see how things are)

Our company will  yield  great results next quarter. =(produce results, get results, begins with “y”)

We need to organize a process  whereby  our employees… =(according to which, in which)
How good are you at  spotting  future potential in employees? (seeing, notice especially when it’s difficult)
How bad is it to  overshoot  the budget? =(to go over the budget, to spend too much)




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