Vocabulary - less common and idiomatic expressions for IELTS, CAE, CPE (TOEFL)

1 - What comics did you tend to read back when you were a child? Did you derive great pleasure from reading them?

2 - Do you think comics are solely for the pleasure of children or can adults get into perusing them as well?

3 - Why are some people so obsessed with Japanese comics?

4 - Have there been any movies based on comics on at the movies lately? Did you check them out?

5 - Comic strip based movies have soared in popularity over the past decade. What can this be put down to ?

6 - If you had to come up with a comic strip hero, what type of person (or thing) would it be?

Exam Speaking questions (IELTS, CPE, CAE)

1 - How popular are paper based comics nowadays?
2 - What advice would you give to someone who wants to create a comic? (wiki "how to" article)
3 - Why are superhero comic strips so popular?
4 - What can you tell about a country by looking at the popular comics?
5 - Do you think the films based on them are better or worse?
6 - What are the advantages to children of reading comics?
7 - Why do some adults read comics?
8 - Do people read electronic comics?
9 - Will people read comics in the future?


Long turn (IELTS 2)

talk about a comic strip you or someone you know read when young.
- what it was
- when you read it
- what you thought about it
- and how popular it was

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