In the CPE (CAE) speaking  the examiners look at 5 criteria to give you your CPE / CAE mark. These criteria and what you need to do to get a high mark are ....

  • Grammatical Resource (5 = Do you use a wide range of grammatical structures?)

  • Lexical Resource (5 = Do you use a wide range of vocabulary?)

  • Discourse management (5 = Do you speak with very little pausing and do you use a range of cohesive/linking devices?)

  • Interactive communication (5 = Do you interact with ease?)

  • Pronunciation (5 = Do you use things like intonation, rhythm, stress to help make your ideas clearer?)

    for more information, see the official Cambridge site here    

On the LC Langauges site you can find

  • Many topics with lots of less common words and idiomatic expressions to get a 5 in lexical resource. : click here

  • Questions like in the CPE (CAE) exam so you can practice using these expressions to improve fluency and lexical resource. (as above)

  • Grammar structures in the questions for a 5 CPE / CAE grammar mark (as above)

  • Example answers with 5 intonation and pronunciation so you can listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation: click here

  • Interactive videos so you can learn more about how to use less common words and idiomatic expressions. Such words and expressions have this sign ^, so when you see ^, learn to use the ^expression to improve your CPE / CAE lexical resource mark!: click here

  • Cohesive devices (linking / signaling words)  so you can use a range to get a 5 in Discourse management. These expressions are underlined in the texts. So use the underlined expressions to improve your CPE / CAE Discourse management mark! (As above)

  • Example videos with learners like you using the words and grammar structures from this site.