Crime and Prison

Vocabulary - less common and idiomatic expressions for IELTS, CAE, CPE (TOEFL)

1 - Criminals commit the following crimes. Put them into categories of "heinous" / "grave" / "petty"

- arson (an arsonist lights fires / sets buildings on fire)

- theft (thieves steal things from other people)

- robbery (robbers steal from banks / rob banks)

- mugging (muggers physically attack people in order to steal)

- joyriding (the perpetrator steals a car just for fun, then leaves it)

- rape (a rapist forces the victim to have sex)

- embezzlement (an embezzler steals money from a company that they work for)

- kidnapping (a kidnapper kidnaps a person and usually asks for a ransom)

- shoplifting (a shoplifter steals from a shop - (s)he shoplifts)

- pickpocketing (a pickpocket pickpockets people's pockets)

- blackmail (a blackmailer threatens to reveal secret information about someone unless paid)

- tax evasion (a tax evader doesn't pay taxes)

2 - Are muggings a common occurance in your home town / city?

3 - Have you or any of your friends had your pocket picked?

4 - Were someone to kidnap your friend, would you be willing to pay an arm and a leg in ransom?

5 - If you could go joyriding and knew you would get away with it, which type of car would you joyride?

6 - Who is someone you wish you could blackmail?

7 - Do you know happen to know anyone who dodges taxes?

8 - Do the police need to crack down on embezzlement or company tax evasion?

9 - Do you think police should be given more powers so as to  to cut crime rates?

10 - What kind of prison sentence would be harsh for a blackmailer? What about a lenient sentence?

11 - What crimes is community service used to act as a punishment for in your country?

12 - Should juvenile delinquents be treated differently to adult offenders?

Exam Speaking questions (IELTS, CPE, CAE)

  1. Which crimes are common in the area where you live? (about Australia here)
  2. Why are these crimes common?
  3. Was it different before?
  4. What steps can be taken to reduce each crime?
  5. What are the prisons like in your country?
  6. Was this different before?
  7. What alternatives are there to prison to deal with crime?
  8. How effective are prisons in dealing with crime?
  9. In what way can the prison system in your country be improved? ( video about this)
  10. Should the death penalty be allowed? ( video on the death penalty)

Long-turn (IELTS part2)

Talk about a crime in your country that you think should have a stronger punishment

  • Which one is it
  • Why does it have its current punishment
  • Why do you think it should have a stronger punishment

and would other people agree with you

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