Vocabulary - less common and idiomatic expressions for IELTS, CAE, CPE (TOEFL)


Which of these sentences are true in your opinion (true for you / your country in general)...

Parents pay attention to how they bring up / raise children
Parents nurture love in children
Parents instil discipline in children
Parents always provide well for their children.
The father is the breadwinner
The mother looks after the kids.
The children look up to their mother.
The children follow in their father's footsteps.
The daughter takes after the mother.
The children talk back to the parents.
The parents ground the children.
There is fierce or strong sibling rivalry.
There are strong or intimate bonds between family members.
Distant relatives are not important.
Family members get on well.
There is a low divorce rate.
The mother goes on paid maternity leave.
The father is given paid paternity leave.


Exam Speaking questions (IELTS, CPE, CAE)

1 - What makes a family a good family?

2 - What were families traditionally like?

3 What caused the change to nowadays if any?

4 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of having siblings?

5 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of having fixed roles
in a family?

6 - What is the attitude of children towards elders in their family?

7 - How important are families to society?

8 - What kind of support should the government provide to families?

9 - What about companies?

10- Will the role of families change in the future?

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