Vocabulary - less common and idiomatic expressions for IELTS, CAE, CPE (TOEFL)


  • 1 -  How do you feel in planes when the plane hits some turbulence: calm and collected, somewhat nervous, stressed out, petrified?
  • 2 - How often do you get planes? Once in a blue moon, every now and again, on a regular basis
  • 3 - Have you ever been on a long-haul or red-eye flight?
  • 4- Do you wish you could have a go at flying a plane?
  • 5 - When you see pilots in airports do they strike you as being self-assured or do they come across as determined, ambitious, knowledgeable or cool-headed?
  • 6 - Do you sometimes run on autopilot?

Exam Speaking questions (IELTS, CPE, CAE)

1 - Why do you think people started to try and make flying devices?
2 - How does the responsibility of a pilot compare to that of people in other spheres?
3 - What characteristics should a good pilot have?
4 - What steps can be taken to ensure that the pilot is doing a good job of flying? (short article)
5 - What are the pros and cons of technology playing a greater role in plane flying?
6 - What can be done to ensure that the technology is working well?
7 - Overall design and construction of planes is shifting out of Western countries like Americam. Do you think that this will have negative consequences? (business article)
8 - Numbers of people killed in plane crashes are relatively small. Why are 1 in 6 adults so afraid of flying? (5 minute video about plane crash survivor)
9 - How can they overcome their fear? (4 minute youtube vlog)
10  - What are the advantages and disadvantages if increased air travel to the individual and society?


Long turn (IELTS part 2)

Talk about someone you know who is afraid of flying. Say
- who it was
- how afraid they are of flying
- why it is
- what they do about it


Talk about a time you caught a plane.
- when was it
- where did you go
- how did you feel
- what did you do

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