TOEFL Speaking 1-2: Eating and Diet

Answer the TOEFL Speaking Parts One and Two: Food and Diet example answer questions yourself first. Then find the video answer on the youtube link. If necessary, the texts are below

  1. Do you prefer to eat at home or in a restaurant?
  2. Advice to a friend: how to eat better?
  3. Choose the best government action to get people to eat better: advertising campaigns / tax certain food / subsidize healthy food.
  4. Describe a restaurant you like.


Now find the speaking answer on the Youtube links below:



If needed, below are the texts





Do you prefer to eat at home or in a restaurant?
(Given the choice = If I had the choice), I would usually (choose to eat out = go for eating out). Firstly, you don’t need to spend time preparing the meal or (washing the dishes = doing the dishes) after you’ve (eaten the meal ~ enjoyed the meal). Secondly, the variety of dishes on offer in one particular restaurant (is typically = tends to be) greater than what you yourself could cook. (Apart from that ~ Not only that), nowadays there is (a wide range of = a wide array of) different types of restaurants, you can have Japanese cuisine one night, then try Indian cuisine the next. Lastly, you can (enjoy the atmosphere = soak up the atmosphere) and overall design of the restaurants, something which you can’t do at home. The only (disadvantage = downside) is that (it costs a fortune = it costs an arm and a leg) to eat out regularly, but if I had the money, I would (eat in a restaurant = eat out) on a daily basis.

Advice to a friend: how to eat better?
The first thing I would recommend (taking into account = keeping in mind) is that it takes a while to (make changes ~ implement change). My friend shouldn’t expect that they’ll be able to (overhaul ~ considerably change) the way they eat in a short period of time. This means avoiding going on strict diets like (getting rid of = cutting out) carbs, or severely (reducing = cutting down on )fast-food or junk food. Instead, it would be best to (single out ~ pick) one bad eating habit, and focus on it and only it at first. If they, for example, (eat ~ consume) too much dairy food like cheese, they could trying cutting down on this gradually, and even replacing fattier products like cheese with healthier ones such as cottage cheese. Once they have (gotten used to ~ established) this new habit, they could move on to the next one.

Government action to get people to eat better: advertising campaigns / tax certain food / subsidize healthy food.
(It’s a tough call ~ It’s a tricky question) , but I suppose I would go for allocating more money to advertising campaigns. This is (mostly because = primarily because) I believe it’s up to people to make the right choice. If you (impose a tax on = tax) certain food or provide benefits to producers of other types, then you are not teaching people to (have a healthy diet ~ have a balanced diet), you are just managing the way businesses operate. If, (however = on the other hand), the government runs advertising campaigns, this will (make people aware ~ raise people’s awareness) regarding the importance of not only cutting down on things like fried food and (following a healthy diet = sticking to a healthy diet), it will also encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle instead of (having a sedentary = leading a sedentary) one. When and only when people start doing this, then businesses will then start selling healthier food.

Describe a restaurant you like
One of my favorite restaurants is called the Balkan Food Connoisseur. It’s a ((fairly small ~ smallish) restaurant which serves primarily Serbian cuisine. The main reason why (I like it so much = I’m so fond of it) is that the waiters there are the friendliest waiters I have ever met. They are so (hospitable~ welcoming) that I feel like I am visiting someone’s house and not a restaurant. The second reason why I find this place so (appealing = attractive) is that the dishes on offer are (incredibly tasty ~ delicious). I love the way the grilled meat is prepared, and the side-dishes are mouth-watering. Lastly, the portions are very large, it’s not so good if you want to lose weight instead of putting on weight, but eating such a filling meal is (undoubtedly ~ definitely) enjoyable.

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