Business Words Test: (Upper) Intermediate

Do you want to improve how you use upper intermediate / intermediate business words in business English? Do the tests below, then use them. If you’re not sure how to use them, here are some tips.

Intermediate business words



Which of the upper intermediate / intermediate business words below are not in the test ?

preparing well can help  mitigate  the risk =(soften, смягчить)
management needs to  conduct  interviews =(do, проводить)
As a result, our employees need to  arrange  a meeting =(organize, begins with “a”)
we need to  conduct  market research =(do, проводить)

our employees always need to  obtain  approval from management for spending. =(get, receive, получить)
I want to  launch  a business. =(start, begins with “l”)

Our management almost always has  feasible  plans. =(doable, possible to do)
Our employees are really good when it comes to thinking about  feasibility   =(noun for “feasible”, whether it can be done)
I think planning is  critical   =(very important)
THe  downside  of being an employee in a big company is that nobody listens ? =(disadvantage, minus)
the weather in St Petersubrg is , however,  unpredictable  =(you can’t say what will happen)
It’s because I’m in  favor   increased spending  =(I support it, я за)
approximate   = (more or less)
My company is  experiencing  growth =(is growing)

Still going! Some more (upper) intermediate business words!

there is some  justification   for spending less money. =(grounds, оправдание, основание)
Our cleints usually  accept  our offer =(the opposite of “decline” / agree /  принять)
Clients never  decline  our offer =(the opposite of “accept” / отрицать)
they haven’t  received  our offer =(get / получить)
Our employees are good at  fixing  their mistakes =(make better  / исправить)
Women in my company don’t  occupy  positions as managers. =(have the position, занимать)

Last year I  carried  out a large project. =(выполняла)
My company is going through a  rough  patch at the moment =(not smooth, very difficult period)
PV: we’ll  wrap  up the project at the beginning of the next month. =(finish)
PV: yesterday I  came  up with a solution.  (thought of / produced, придумал)
I don’t  gain  any benefits by doing this. =(get,receive)
The customer’s  perception  of your product is more important than the reality of the product.  =(how they see it, восприятие)
Our company needs to serve more of our customers’  needs . =(what they need)

Other companies are already  meeting  some of our clients’ needs. =(serving, providing for, удовлетворяют)

if we are not innovative with our software, we will not increase our market  share  . =(how much of the market you have)

Finally, Almost there!

The market / company is developing  rapidly . =(quickly, fast)

Our employees need more resources to  facilitate   their work process.  =(encourage, make easier, begins with “f”)
Employees in our company need to do a lot of  unpaid  overtime.  =(extra work without pay
I would like to  treat  you to a meal =(take you to a restaurant and pay for your meal)
to have a  nap  =(siesta)
Barcelona has  narrow  streets. =(not wide, узкий)
the company’s suppliers, for instance,  sometimes sell  directly  to the end-client.  =(the supplier bypasses the middle man)
I need to explain the situation  concerning  our project. :(which is about, begins withj “c”)
What  value  does this technology bring to your business? =(benefits)
Our company has a clear picture of our target  audience  =(the people we want to seel to, целевая аудитория)
PV: each part was  siloed  off from the other =()
This company was  acquired  by Emerson =(was bought , приобретение)

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