US University education: expensive and useless?

History and current status of college tuition in the US

What factors led to increased enrollment in  US universities?

Why did they switch from being almost free to paid for?

How are public universities different from for-profit and non-profit ones?

How do you think rent payments might compare to student loan re-payments?

How difficult do you think it is discern real career promises made by for-profit universities from deceptive ones?

What percentage of people in the US think a college degree is worth it?


Presidential Candidate Yang: “move people away from university degrees”

Should university graduates be able to declare bankruptcy on student loans?

What proposals does Yang make for helping students deal with debt?

What’s the under-employment rate for freshly graduated students?

Is college over-prescribed compared to technical / vocational training?

Is there social pressure to get a degree?



“College Degrees are becoming useless”

Watch the video and make a note of the main points made as to why degrees are becoming useless.



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