Value Stream , (Porter’s) Value Chain


One way of producing more value within your company is to analyze its value chain. First, think about your answers to the following questions. Then watch the video below to compare answers:

1 – What’s is the difference between a value chain and value stream?

2 – Below you can see Porter’s version of the chain. What are different examples of the support activities and primary activities? After that scroll down.Porter's Value Chain


Now watch the video to compare:

What about digitalization and its effect?

Digitalization is very important. In addition, artificial intelligence is becoming important. Therefore we should think about the following question: How can analytics and artificial intelligence help drive value in different parts of the company’s support and primary activities?


When you’ve had a think about that, watch the video below and look at the chart further down:


more about Oracle’s industry solutions here.

digital value chain

For more read the article it is from here.

In conclusion, keep thinking!

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